火曜日はいつも創造豊かな日です!Tuesday – always a day full of creative activity!

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ブランケット配達 Blanket Delivery


It was a great day delivering 60 blankets to the local elderly home in Shichigahama! Not only will these lap blankets bring warmth physically but also emotionally. Their colors are also great for eye stimulation and mental activity!

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Hope & Recovery


Thinking of those who suffered in the Typhoon Heiyan 1 year ago (Nov 8). It was such a privilege to be able to visit Leyte last May and give a little back. Although there was great destruction, new hope and reconstruction have emerged. Check out Center for Change Facebook Page and see the amazing things that they are now doing.

レイテへの旅のレポートはこちら Read about our trip to Leyte here:  http://yarnalive.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/pireport/

編みものワークショップ Knitting Workshop


We are a big fan of Michiyo and so thankful for all her support over the years. We love her patterns and find them so beautiful. Here are a few things that were made by the ladies from Michiyo’s book “Michiyo’s Knitting Workshop”. Get your copy today!

michiyoの編みものワークショップ  (In Japanese only)

27kgの愛。27kg of love. 


Today 27kg (59.5lbs) of love was boxed up and shipped! It is finally on its way to the Syrian Refugee children in Jordan in time for Christmas. Inside these boxes are 384 items of scarves, slippers, hats, vests and blankets all made with love. We are so happy to be able to have the opportunity to bless others in need!