Profile of the Week

Profile of the Week

This is Youko Watanabe from the Wednesday Yarn Alive class. She originally lived in Shobuta but that was wiped out by the tsunami in 2011. She now lives in a temporary housing unit.  She started coming to Yarn Alive when the first Wednesday class started in October 2011 at the Community Hall. She loves coming to Yarn Alive and talking with everyone.  She prefers to crochet and loves the color light blue and making vests.  Here’s a picture of the black vest that she just completed!


4 thoughts on “Profile of the Week”

  1. Congratulations ,,my dear. You are an exemple of faithful life. Be happy, and God bless you. Dina Souza/ Brazil .

  2. I have just come across your fantastic site thanks to a ‘like’ from you to my blog and have spent the last half an hour reading through all your posts. What an amazing group of ladies you have there. I am just learning to crochet and do this a a solo even in my own home. To have a group of ladies meet together every week the way you ladies do must be an amazing thing.
    Great work ladies! If you ever feel inclined to do a yarn along (crochet) project online, I would love to jump on board.
    Our local op-shop has a huge amount of Knitting needles (no crochet hooks), if there is any particular size you are short of please let me know.
    One last thing, does your group have an Etsy/ravelry account?

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kind words! We are currently working on an etsy shop and new website that will have Yarn Alive creations for sale! We hope to have this up and running by mid May. In regards to needles, we can always use US size 8 needles. They seem to be the most in demand. Straight or circular would be great.
      Thank you so much!!

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