Just another day at…Yarn Alive!


It was a big day today at Yarn Alive!  With the summer holiday, it’s been awhile since we’ve all seen each other! So there was a lot of excitement to see one another and the beautiful new items that have been created over the past month.

また、来週はお休みなので少し早めに敬老の日をパーティーで祝いました!そして、先月NHK BS Premiumで放送されたクラスの様子をdvdで観ました!

We then celebrated “Respect the Elderly” Day. This is a holiday that takes place next week but as we will not be together next week, we thought it was a good excuse for a party today!  With our mouths full of yummy food, we then watched the NHK BS Premium which Yarn Alive featured in last month.  It was great to see our faces on the screen!

最後に東北放送ラジオの『ロジャー大葉のラジオな気分』http://www.tbc-sendai.co.jp/02radio/rkibun/ がメンバーの何人かをインタビューしました。そしてインタビューして下さった方にフラワーピンをあげました。

Later in the afternoon, Tohoku Broadcasting Company came and interviewed some of the Yarn Alive ladies. There was lots of laughter and “oohing” over some of items that they created and the flower pins that we gave them.

楽しかったです!It’s good to be back!


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