Projects プロジェクト

ヤーンアライブは、この3 年間皆様からいただいたご支援とご厚意を今度は私たちのできる限り支援を必要としている地元や国内外の方々に対して行いたいと願っています。
One of Yarn Alive’s core values is to give as freely as we have received. We have been so blessed over the years by hundreds of supporters and generous donations so now it is our opportunity to give “as freely to those” who are also in need.  We love knitting and crocheting with a purpose for our local community, nation and world-wide.

現在行われているプロジェクト CURRENT PROJECT
In the next couple of months, Yarn Alive will be making baby wear for a local hospital that specializes in premature baby births.

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You can read all about our past projects at our blog.


ヨルダン:シリアからの難民 Jordan II – Syrian Refugees
フィリピンの台風被災者 Philippines – Typhoon Heiyan
ヨルダン:シリアからの難民 Jordan I – Syrian Refugees


女川のお母さんたち Onagawa Mothers  
気仙沼  Kesennuma Mother’s Home


託児所 Nursery

If you would like to be donate towards our projects, monetary donations can be made via our website and blog.


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