Psss….purses パース !

かわいいですね?  Are these new purses cute or what?


新ネクレススタイル New necklace style


Checking out the new necklace style made by one of the ladies in the Wednesday class.

いかがでしょう?What do you think about this new necklace style?

楽しい時間 Fun times


Yarn Alive isn’t just about knitting and crocheting. It’s about coming together, sharing life and having fun!


And maybe looking a little crazy too!


なんと、10! And then there were 10!


One by one, the ladies started to show their latest designs. It turns out  “vests” were the flavor of the week! There wasn’t just 1 or 2, but 10 beautiful vests!


エントレラック編み Entrelac Knitting


This bag is interesting because it is made by picking up stitches along edges of the last piece knitted.  It is a technique called Entrelac Knitting.  This bag is made from stretchy tape like yarn from Korea.


不思議なベストをご紹介しましょう The Magic Top

不思議なベストをご紹介しましょう。上から裾まで同目数 なのにサイズの違う編み棒を使って編むと、このように裾にフレアーができるのです。

This is the magic top. It has the same amount of stitches on the top and bottom but the needle has been changed 3 times to larger needles which results in a flare at the bottom.