Matryoshka Bags


We all started to admire the big bag made out of raffia. But then we soon found that there was even more creations hidden inside! Inside the big bag sat a cute purse…and then out came another even smaller purse! So fun!


特別訪問...A Special visit…

What’s all the commotion going on around the Yarn Alive Mobil?





Well it turns out that August 20, Yarn Alive will be featured on NHK BS Premium at 730pm! They are doing a show about Shichigahama and all the wonderful things that are there, including Yarn Alive!  _MG_6325



We also had a very special visit from Mariko Senju, the beautiful and very talented world-class violinist! She sat with us for a couple of hours admiring the handiwork and even modelling some of the items! She listened to the stories of the ladies and joined in on all the laughter (even the camera crew were laughing!). It was such a wonderful visit!_MG_6331 _MG_6336

たまごからペンギン Egg to Penguin

この本はおすすめです。Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys: Magical Two-in-One Reversible Projects  Susan B. Anderson & Liz Banfield.

We’re loving the book Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys: Magical Two-in-One Reversible Projects by Susan B. Anderson & Liz Banfield.


Here’s one project we had fun with: “Egg to Penguin”.

とっても面白い!So much fun!

編み物はどうワールドカップ変えたか。 How has Knitting affected the World Cup?


The boots!





Did you know that Nike’s new soccer boots “Magista” and Adidas Samba Primeknit are actually knitted?

Why knitted? ” Well, says Nike, by using such futuristic construction techniques the boot will fit around your feet like a glove, creating a second skin – or sock-like feel – while simultaneously delivering the strength, structure and support needed to play ball.”

Check out the video here:

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